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Testing one’s anxiety and fear

My life, my world and my thoughts!

Today has been good, I confronted my anxiety again – which I am very pleased about.

Normally I am a bit anxious about going out if my blood is below 10.0 – today I just wanted to test out my anxiety and push myself that bit further out.

So I left the house for the shop, know my blood was 9.0 – it was a big deal for me because my anxiety right now stems from a fear of going low, which can put me off going out at all.

I just kept absolutely positive and done my techniques like I did yesterday and it worked out well for me.

I walked along with my music in.  I did my anxiety resistance technique and repeated positive things in my head.  I kept on at catching my negative though, so that I did not get carried away.

When I got to…

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