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Running may be a perfect way to stay fit, but there are also mental health benefits in running.

Little Things That Make A Big Difference

So you have decided to run for fitness…..Great Choice! Running is a really great full-body exercise; it helps reduce fat buildup, increases stamina and endurance levels and does wonders for your health by enhancing cardiovascular function and improving muscle and ligament flexibility. Running is the perfectly affordable way to exercise anywhere, anytime.


But here is the tricky part – running the wrong way can do you more harm than good. It increases odds for injury through bad form, especially stress on joints. It also can result in overheating of the body if you aren’t careful and can sometimes also be dangerous, especially if you choose to run after sundown.

So here are some basic rules for runners who are beginners. These Do’s and Don’ts of Running will ensure that get the most benefit from your runs every day, without any risk factor involved.

The Do’s:



Start Slow –…

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