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Panic attacks are never easy. Some people have it really bad. Here are some tips to help you deal with a panic attack.




Lessons Learned from Heartbreak

Lesson 14: How to deal with Panic attacks

My panic attacks actually started during the last 2 years of my relationship. I actually didn’t even know what it was, I honestly thought I was dying. Here are some of my tips to get me through a horrible panic attack! 

Tip 1: If  you are having trouble breathing, open a window immediately, and if you can, splash water on your face. If you can barely catch your breath, and feel like you are choking, use a paper bag or plastic bag and breathe in and out.  If your breathing is racing faster and faster, rub your chest in a circular motion and tell yourself you will be okay. 

Tip 2: If you can’t stop shaking, immediately sit down or lie down. Breathe in and out slowly. My personal favorite is, clench your toes and and make…

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