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Know what Hysteria is all about

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A description of women afflicted with nervous hysteria, from an 1883 book about psychological medicine:

“The patient, when hysterical feelings come upon her, does not feel disposed to make the slightest effort to resist them, and yields to her emotions, whatever they may be.  She will laugh or cry on the slightest provocation, and is very nervous and excitable.  She cares nothing for her duties and seemingly takes pleasure in exaggerating all her slight discomforts and annoyances, and by her suspicious, exacting and unreasonable behavior makes life generally uncomfortable to those around her.  She indignantly resents all attempts and efforts for her comfort and cure, and discards all advice from her best friends, but will eagerly listen to the counsel of the many friends who come in to pity, sympathize and condole with her.”

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