Have you reached a point in your struggle against anxiety when you grope at your confused head and solemnly declare : “I CAN’T LIVE WITH THIS ANYMORE”?!? If so, that means you’re ripe to begin the next stage… which is of course looking for treatment and sticking to it as long as it takes, until panic stops being an issue.

It may seem the other way around – that you’ve just reached your wit’s end, that you’re just about ready to give up on life. But sometimes, despair can be our greatest and most effective teacher. Without it, we seldom gather the required energy and commitment to succeed in following through with our goals and desires.

So if you’ve reached that point where you can’t live with panic, anymore… that’s good for you! Now, let’s consider some of the options you should embrace:

<h2>Learn all you can about Panic Attacks</h2>

Much as light is a great antidote for darkness, knowledge can be a huge remedy for panic.

Understanding your panic attacks will make it a bit easier to cope with them, since facing the unknown is always much harder than tackling a foe you’re thoroughly familiar with. To that effect, you should think of anxiety management as your new hobby, and start learning as much as you can about it.

Read through all the articles in this blog, then look up other websites, get some books, watch more videos  where anxiety sufferers share their experiences… get immersed in the theoretical side of anxiety until you amass a huge body of knowledge that you can draw from later, while struggling with the practical side of anxiety whenever it strikes.

<h2>Find a good therapist and/or support group</h2>

Fixing your own anxiety problems by yourself is not impossible, but it is unnecessarily challenging… kind of like trying to cut your own hair without using a mirror.

It’s always better to get the support of another person who can offer external perspective in your most challenging moments. If that person happens to be a skilled therapist, your odds of a swift recovery are much higher. If you cannot afford seeing a therapist, at least consider joining a support group for anxiety sufferers, since just hearing others speak about their own problems with anxiety can go a long way to making you realize that you’re not alone in your struggle, and that vanquishing panic it’s not quite as impossible as it may seem at first.

<h2>Don’t ever expect it will be easy</h2>

Do not ever underestimate your panic attacks, or your anxiety issues. Do not ever assume that treatment will be simple and straightforward. Doing so would only amount to setting yourself up to disappointment.

You must be prepared for what could be the most difficult and complicated task you’ve ever embraced, and you must gather the will to stay on the road to recovery until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Likewise, keep in mind the highest rewards usually follow the most daunting challenges; if you can’t live with anxiety, get ready to set out on a vast personal journey, and know that peace of mind awaits you at the end line… but you have to make it there, however you may!