Have you been struggling with uncontrollable anxiety, or even panic attacks? If so, you know how it feels… as though your mind suddenly turns against you, going into “Red Alert” mode: making everything around seem confusing, triggering all kinds of bizarre symptoms, and causing you to seriously worry that you could die at any moment.

That’s not something most people will understand or even relate with, so you should be prepared to deal with the process of panic the best way you can. This article will show you practical advice you can use to cope with impending panic attacks; but first, we’d like to invite you to watch this video make by someone who’s also had their share of panic:

1) Make a firm decision to get better

You won’t ever stand a chance of managing panic attacks until you get committed to at least trying to do so. It will be a challenging struggle, but the sooner you take up on it, the sooner you’ll start threading your path to recovery. From there, things will get better little by little… but it all starts with that decision you have to make at some point — not to let panic overrun your life, and to somehow find a treatment that works for you. It doesn’t matter if you have an action plan; to begin with all that you really need is a commitment to at least try and get better.

2) Focus on the little things

In more ways than you can imagine, panic attacks are a mental game: it’s your mind turning against itself and biting its own tail. While you can’t just snap out of its vicious cycles of panic, you can at least try not supply energy to feed those cycles. When you start noticing that a panic attack may be looming about, do not dwell in it. Instead, try to focus on little things that will keep your mind distracted: whether it’s cleaning up the house, sewing, building a house of cards, reading a magazine… just try to focus on a simple activity that does not involve mental effort, and try to wait out the mental storm brewing up inside of you.

3) Imagine how better you’d feel without panic

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety problems for a while, you probably have got so caught up in it that you barely remember what it feels being normal. Unfortunately, that tends to make you feel like an absolute victim of panic an anxiety, all hope to regain normalcy looking quite bleak. Right? Well, a good way to subvert this cycle of increasing negativity and self-doubt is to imagine what it would be like if you didn’t suffer from panic attacks. Can do do that? Imagine how better your life could be if only you managed to somehow overcome this problem, and let that inspire you to find treatment and stick with it.