Every day, scientific research takes new strides towards better understanding anxiety disorders and finding alternative therapies. This news story should actually bring renewed hope to those who struggle with this kind of sickness.

A group of Turkish researchers recently noticed that choir singing clearly helped reduce feelings of anxiety in clinic patients. In their experiment, they examined a group of 70 people suffering from anxiety disorder; half of them were asked to participate in one hour of choir singing, with the other half comprising a control who were asked to engage random activities also during one hour. The results of this experience were striking:

All the patients who participated in choir singing exhibited lower levels of anxiety after a one-hour session. Not only did they seem more relaxed from a psychological standpoint, but even from a bio-chemical standpoint there were notable improvements that indicated the patient’s anxiety had temporarily decreased. These results are decisively interesting, but does it mean that everyone suffering from anxiety disorders or panic attacks should get involved in choir singing?

That depends on your particular preference, of course. It’s clearly an option, but bear in mind there are others you can choose from! As you surely realize, it’s not as much as some magical or mystical aspect of the choir singing help appease the anxiety levels of the participants. More than likely, the positive effects were brought forth from the sense of involvement and reassurance that was experience through engaging a group activity that involved synchronized breathing. We all know that group activities, as well as breathing exercises, are known to help dismiss feelings of anxiety (even for clinic patients), and since choir singing combines both aspects, it’s not surprising how the research suggested a clear improvement in the physical and mental well-being of the patients.

The take away here isn’t necessarily that you should get involved in choir singing, if you’re looking for a way to manage your anxiety problems. Granted, that is clearly an option that you should embrace if you feel drawn to it. But there are many other available options for you to keep in mind: from group activities to physical exercise, or even arts and crafts… any new hobby you take interest in can be a powerful ally in your struggle against anxiety and panic attacks. With that in mind, why not give it a try? Surely it won’t be enough to cure your panic attacks, but it will certainly help your cause