Are you struggling with panic attacks? Then, you should realize that you’re not alone! In fact, more and more people these days are suffering with this kind of problem. And many researchers keep pointing out it’s getting worse every year; in a couple of decades, panic attacks and anxiety disorders can become the single most common sicknesses in the modern societies. In fact, we just found this Youtube video where a brave woman and mother films herself while actually having a panic attack. We recommend that you watch this for a bit of insight, inspiration and maybe reassurance:

As you can see, no one is entirely free from having Panic Attacks. This is something that can happen to anyone, no matter where they stand in life or how apparently happy they seem. Granted, there are risk factors at play, but any person can experience these unnerving symptoms. And we feel that it’s really important to raise public awareness towards this! Having a panic attack is quite suffocating even if you realize what is going on (like in the video above)… but for someone who doesn’t even know there is such a thing as panic attacks, it can be an absolutely overwhelming and outright nerve-wreking experience.

If you’re looking for treatment for panic attacks, you should learn something from the video above. Most importantly, you should realize that expressing your feelings does help keep them under control. And reaching out for help and support is an important part of any recovery program for anxiety disorder. Too many people still choose suffering quietly and staying in the anxiety closet, fearing that no one can possibly understand what they’re going through. If that is you, please stop! There are many people who are willing to listen, and who can relate with your experience and even comfort you. But how can anyone reach out to you and help if you shut yourself off from the world?