Have you ever had a panic attack during the night? If you have, did you happen to see it coming, or did it just happen out of the blue? For most people, nocturnal panic attacks do not happen during the sleep. Rather, they are built over over long sessions of insomnia, with the consistent resoluteness of taking all the wrong turns inside your thought process. Kind of like this:


In fact, for most people who have panic attacks at night – especially for those who have looked up natural treatments and coping strategies, there’s usually a battle of wits taking place: a conflict between anxiety and themselves. Well, actually the real battle is of the mind against itself. But it’s not always easy to take notice of this, since we always think of panic as something external.

So here’s a piece of advice you may want to use if you want to increase your odds of fending off your next anxiety attack: stay intensely vigilant. Watch your line of thought quite closely at every turn, and notice whether your thinking is pushing you closer to relaxation or closer to anxiety.

If you start paying close attention, you may notice that often the seeds of panic are thoughts planted many hours before it actually attacks. And the best way to cut a weed is from the root. In other words… the best way to deal with panic attacks is by taking action much sooner than panic begins to take shape. Just as soon as you suspect something is off in your train of thought – that’s when the strategies you’ve been learning will be the most useful!