The following advice won’t magically cure your panic attacks. But if you keep these simple life hacks in mind next time you’re worrying about an upcoming surge of panic, you will stand a better chance at coping with the entire issue. These are all very simple and practical tricks, but they’re also very powerful. Remember this:

Focus on your breathing

According to the great masters of meditation, trying to control your breathing is not recommendable; that actually tends to make the breath cycle grow further imbalanced. What you should try to do – they tell us – is simply to focus on your breathing, without any intent but to watch. If you can do that, your breath will naturally go back to normal rhythms and you may just succeed dissipating those ominous dark clouds threatening to wreak all kinds of mental havoc.

Change surroundings

If you’re standing, get up; if you’re out on the street, get indoors; and so on… a key tactic you can use to try to halt an unfolding panic attack is to change your surroundings, with special attention to the rooms temperature and how it makes you feel. Find a quiet corner that inspires some sense of respite, and just focus on waiting out the storm.

Slowly drink glass of cold water

Drinking a glass of ice cold water can do wonders in regulating your body temperature and subverting the escalating cycles of panic. It’s important to drink very slowly though, since a sudden change in temperature may cause adverse effects. Just take your time sipping your water, and imagine your body literally cooling down — as well as your mind.

Face the facts

At this point in your personal crusade against anxiety disorders, you probably realize that panic attacks are deeply rooted in your mind – even if the panic feels quite real and brings forth a host of physical reactions. That’s something you should try to keep in mind while facing the possibility of a surging panic attack: if worse comes to worst, you’ll just be having a mental episode.

As long as you keep your body out of harm while your mind is coping with the panic attack, the terror will eventually subside on its own, and your reasoning will go back to normal. Keep this advice in mind next time you feel you’re about to have a panic attack, and maybe you’ll notice unexpected improvements in your reaction to the whole ordeal.