“We are what we eat”, they say… and as matter of fact, sometimes what we eat can be of tremendous effect in how we feel inside. For anyone who’s trying to come to terms with panic attacks, there are some power foods that can be tremendously helpful. Obviously no food will cure panic in and of itself, but as part of a comprehensive treatment for anxiety, eating the right foods will certainly be wise. In case you didn’t know about it, this article will show you the top power foods that will help you reduce the frequency and intensity of your panic attacks.

As a bonus, most of these foods are also great from improving your physical well-being and help you stay fit! Here goes:

Dark Chocolate

A natural mood enhancer and relaxant, chocolate can be a valuable ally against stress – especially if you eat it often but moderately, and provided that you always choose dark chocolate. It has much more cocoa and much less refined sugar, making its positive effects much stronger and minimizing the negative imbalance that might come with a blood sugar spike.


Being rich in Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B12 and iron, almonds are a power food against anxiety – since those those substances are known to cause a positive effect in the body’s reaction to anxiety, as well as helping improve your energy. Did you know that something as apparently trivial as having low Magnesium levels in your body will drastically increase your odds to experience negative feelings of depression and anxiety? Keep this in mind next time you feel like having a snack!


Next in line with almonds are nuts, in terms of power foods that help appease anxiety. For similar reasons, too: nuts are rich in fibers, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals — especially the kind which are drained from your body during moments of intense stress. Just make sure to eat nuts in moderation, as having too much on a daily basis can cause negative effects.


Here’s another food that is very rich in magnesium, minerals and other kinds of nutrients that your body is usually lacking, especially if you have anxiety issues. As added bonus, seaweed is highly nutritious and healthy, and it will help boost your mental and physical energy.

Whole Grains

Whole grains should be regarded as the kings of all anxiety-appeasing foods, and should be eaten regularly by anyone who’s struggling with anxiety or panic attacks. Whole grains feature nutrients that are often in short supply in modern diets, and they will help keep your energy levels up. Also, they offer a good supply of Magnesium, you all-around anxiety/depression fighting nutrient.