So you’re struggling with Panic Attacks? Do you feel as though you’ve become a victim of yourself, living through a roller-coaster of unpredictable physical and emotional symptoms? Well, at least you’re not alone! Recent statistics indicate that an increasing number of people now suffer from anxiety issues and panic attacks. This has truly become a modern age sickness. In a way, that can be seen as a good sign for people who suffer from panic; nowadays, more and more people realize how these kinds of issues happen, and they are better prepared to deal with it or to understand when a friend or family member is facing such problems.

In fact, here’s a cute cartoon that highlights the host of symptoms that typically occur during the “Fight or Flight” reaction that triggers the uprising of panic attacks:


It’s worth to be mindful of all these symptoms, since awareness can be a powerful ally when dealing with a panic attack. Next time you find yourself getting caught up in the vicious cycle that leads to a uncontrollable panic, try to reason with yourself by being mindful of what is going on inside of you, and understanding these symptoms are just a physical reaction to acute mental distress. This understanding is sometimes all it takes to keep you from joining the roller coaster of panic, and in time (with practice) you will be able to completely dismiss panic attacks before they get out of control.