Have you heard about the “Fight of Flight” reaction? Very much like anxiety, it’s a biological defense mechanism that sometimes will go awry and start affecting a person in all kinds of negative ways. In facts, it can be reasoned it’s the “fight or flight” process that usually triggers the surge of panic attacks. So if you’re looking to overcome panic issues, it’s worth to learn a bit more about this process. The following video does a great job at explaining this concept in a simple yet comprehensive manner, so check it out:

As you can see in the explanation above, the “fight or flight” is actually a survival mechanism. When your brain receives a signal that indicates your body is in some kind of eminent danger, it will send you into a rush mode that floods your body with adrenalin – making your heart beat faster, raising the body’s temperature, pumping blood into your limbs. This response is meant to get your body ready to either fight or run away from an impending danger. It’s a deep-rooted survival mechanism that actually contributes to the survival of the species.

When you’re having a panic attack, what happens is that your brain triggers this “Fight or Flight” reaction with no concrete reason. So you’ll suddenly feel as though you’re living through a life and death situation, even when nothing is apparently going on. You’ll start experiencing the physical reactions above, all of which will make you feel even more anxious… causing fear of having a heart attack, hot flashes and all those other disturbing symptoms you’re probably familiar with at this point. How strange is that? Something as troubling as anxiety is actually a misplaced survival mechanism!