Do you know someone like James? He is all-around a great guy, but sometimes he suffers from these panic attacks. At times he goes reclusive, as though he’s afraid to death of something he can’t even fathom. No one really understands what he’s going through, because many people still don’t have a clue of what is a panic attack. That’s too bad for James!


If you know someone like James, why not lend him your ear — sometimes that’s all it takes for a patient suffering from panic attacks to get started on the way to recovery: a friendly hand reaching out into their inner turmoil. You know…

People in our society are still too prude about seeking psychological help. What is the point? That makes just as much sense as being ashamed to see a MD when you get ill. Just face it: everyone has their share of physical and/or mental ailments, and fortunately there are many roads to recovery, and many avenues for treatment. Let’s just cut out the drama and get pragmatic, shall we?