The modern school system is good – but not great, and has many unfortunate gaps. We believe, for example, that all children should at some point in their education be explained all about anxiety disorders, and especially about panic attacks. Especially in this age when more and more people suffer from these kinds of problems.


Everyone who’s experienced a panic attack will agree: it’s an inconceivably stressful and overwhelming experience, especially for those who have no idea of what a panic attack is, the first time it happens to them. Granted — Just knowing about it won’t keep you safe from the possibility of having a panic attack, but it will help tremendously in helping you deal with this event, should it ever happen to you.

In that spirit, this article focuses three quintessential pillars of panic attack management that absolutely everyone should know about, whether or not they suffer from this problem.

Fact#1: You can’t possibly suffocate in panic

One of the typical symptoms that arise in the emotional roller-coaster leading up to a panic attack is short-breathlessness. It’s very common for panic victims to start fearing they may become unable to breathe, and eventually asphyxiate. Even though this is a very common, very irrational fear… it’s actually impossible to manifest. Your brain simply can’t shut down your breathing permanently. In extreme scenarios the worst thing that can happen is for the anxious patient to faint. And just as the person faints, the body resumes normal operation — including the breath rhythm.

Fact#2: Your heart really won’t shut down

Next in line with fear of suffocation comes fear of having a heart attack, for those who are unfortunate to endure panic attacks. Again, here science comes to your rescue and comfort: you see… a panic attack will flood your body with adrenaline, as part of the process. The excess adrenaline actually makes it impossible for your heart to shut down. Again, the worst thing that can happen during this event if for your to collapse and lose consciousness. And if that were to happen your body would be free from the influence of your mind, and it would go back to normal operations.

Fact#3: You simply can’t die from a panic attack

Actually… they can’t kill you directly. But if you try to go driving at the onset of a panic attack, you could put yourself in dangerous situations. Likewise, if the situation gets extreme and you collapse while rushing across the street, that could be a dangerous scenario. So your main concern during a panic attack shouldn’t be dying, really — you should be more concerned about just safeguarding your physical integrity by seeking a place nearby that’s as quiet and comfortable as possible; that will actually make it a bit easier to actually deal with the situation.

Well, truth is… dealing with a Panic Attack is never easy. It is an inexplicably scary and violent experience, but 100% of mental cause. The physical symptoms that manifest during a panic episode will make you fear otherwise, but truth of the matter is that panic attacks are episodes of psychological nature.

Just as you can’t will yourself to just drop dead, so can’t panic attacks – because they’re just a disturbance taking place in your mind.