It works very much like a negative spiral, and you know it. Sometimes it starts with just a shadow of a doubt, or a quick hesitation. A fleeting unexpected that throws you off balance. Sooner than you notice you’re starting to worry, then to obsess. Discomfort creeps over your being, and worry escalates into paranoia.

The eminence of terror settles in; capital Panic.

And that’s just the beginning, the trigger point. The worst things come after, when you’re sweeped over by a flurry of random, increasingly scary physical symptoms. Short-breathlessness; dry throat; tight chest; pounding heart; cold shivers; hot flashes; acute and persistent sense of doom, making you surer by the minute that your life is soon to come to an end.

Can you relate with those feelings? We also can, and that’s just why you’ve landed in the right website. Clearly cut for your convenience, here are seven ideas that you can start using right now to start dealing with the invisible menace from within: Panic attacks.

7: Loosen up your clothes, remove any bracelets or anything that could make you feel constrained. If you pay attention, sometimes you’ll notice that standing near the window, or away from the window, or in a corner – or away from it, can make a huge difference in your comfort levels in that moment.

6: Be still; at the onset of a panic attack, you’ll have the tendency to pace around and act out your tension. Try to contradict this compulsion, if you can. Look for a quiet corner that looks comfortable, and try to stay there. It’ll probably be wise not driving around or anything like that, but it’s your call.

5: Try to sit down; it may sound like generic feel-good know-nothing advice, but there’s actually some science behind it. You see, striding around and freaking out will only only make your body go into overdrive more and trigger all those crazy symptoms that ultimately lead up the dark presence of pure PANIC. Right? So, sitting still and trying to calm yourself will actually work much to your benefit.

4: Watch your Feelings; there is a difference between experiencing feelings and watching over them. Sometimes if you watch closely inside you, you can step aside from the mental storm and watching reality for what it is: just you having a panic attack. It may feel like you’re dying, but hey — at least it’s not real. You will live and grow stronger from the experience, if you choose doing so.

3: Stay Aware; the onset of a Panic Attack may sound like the worst thing in the world from your perspective. But if you could really step aside and watch yourself from the outside, you’d just notice a person acting kind of strange. Can you look at yourself objectively during a panic attack and see what is there?

2: Don’t try to control; the more you resist the idea of having a panic attack, the more you get carried away by those scary symptoms — the more energy you’ll add to your anxiety .

1: Accept your fate; when you’re fighting the inner enemy, wonders can be achieved by not fighting at all. If the Panic is coming from your head, how can you possibly win against it? Why should you even try? Don’t worry about anxiety: just focus on NOT empowering it, and it’ll quickly wade — leaving nothing to worry over.